Black & White Street Photography, Color Street Photography, USA

Flickr Top Five

These are the top 5 photographs in my photostream based on Flickr’s “Interestingness” rating.

#5. 6,231 views 82 favorites

Denver Street Photography

#4. 3,127 views  67 favorites

Denver Street Photography

#3. 18,823 views 146 favorites


#2. 14,007 views 110 favorites

Denver Street Photography

#1. 12,679 views 155 favorites

Denver Street Photography

II think it’s fitting that my most interesting photo would be one of my daughter. I’ve been with her every single day for the entirety of her life. These are flickr’s top five, but not my personal top five, not even close. I have more than 11,000 images stored on flickr, and I’d guess that about 1,000 of them are public. If views were worth five bucks each and favorites a dollar I’d be doing okay for folding money.


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