Prepping for The Pop Top Tour

Pop Top Tour

We spent some time with Betty recently to see the progress being made on the van and participate in some of the tear down. I cut the old ratty canvas from 1982 off the pop top, helped Dad while he got the top realigned, and basically watched the real mechanics do their job. When it comes to working on my own vehicle, I am about as boot as they come.

The say Forest City got its name from the dense forest that used to cover the area. The last census, performed in 2010, listed the population as 268. A man by the name of Joe Baldwin founded the town in 1857, before the Missouri river changed course and turned westward. Forest City was a popular shipping center along the Missouri before that, but when the river altered its course it left the town two-and-a-half miles inland.  Between 1861 and 1867 this…

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Scenes from Forest City