I’m trying to keep up with life right now. Attending online classes, concentrating on healing my daughter, preparing my van and getting out on the road. Sporadic posts are to be expected but I’m still here. Stay tuned.

Pop Top Tour

Highway in Kansas.

Penny is occupied and happy.

She is reading. Playing with her sticker book.

We feel bad for her, because there is nothing for her to do in the one little spot left among all our belongings.

We talk about the harrowing experience of the first tank of gas. The road goes by.

We talk about how many miles we drove yesterday, and hope that today’s journey will be easier.

We talk about how many miles we might be able to put on our ride. We are desperately trying to get to Mound City.

We are happy. Laughing. Talking about friends.

We talk about careers. We are just shooting the shit really.

Mechanical claws. Oil Derricks.

Highway signs and billboards everywhere.

We pass fossil creek hotel and suites.

A lone tree on a hill with no leaves.

Death. Birds flying. Irrigation ditches. Eighteen Wheelers hauling tractors. A horse…

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Notes from a Kansas Highway


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