On to the next chapter of our lives. Check out my travel blog. I promise I will show you the good things about this country. Maybe some of the bad too.

Pop Top Tour

Tonight I left my camera charger in the van. It was hot today, I was tired, frustrated that I’d been so absent-minded (like I always am), I sulked out to the car festering in my self loathing and disappointed self, stuck the key in the lock and popped the door open and voila! Let there be light!

I instantly felt a deep appreciation for my family who have given so much of their time and thought to my family’s existence. We chose this life, we took this risk, we stuck our necks out and went for it, and fell flat on our face right out of the gate.

We’ve spent the last two months healing and moving between houses and working on the van. When that light popped on, it dawned on me just how much love went into this VW . I was frustrated, then I saw the light…

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Thank You, Now Let’s Get on With This.


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