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Pop Top Tour

Our daughter’s Aunt lives in La Crosse, Wisconsin, but her boyfriend lives up in De Soto, near his family’s  homestead along the Mississippi River.. After a long day of touring landfills and fish hatcheries, we ate some dinner and headed over to his parents place. While we were there we went down to the barn and visited with Sunny, their horse. This horse is seventeen years old if I remember right. I need to get in the habit of taking better notes. I’m real loosey-goosey like that. An absent-minded blunderer. I don’t know what breed of horse it is, or even if it’s male or female. I do know that whenever Mrs. Kumlin scratched Sunny just right, the horse made these Mr. Ed-esque movements with its mouth that were  hilarious to watch. Penny was cracking up. There might not be anything better than listening to your child laugh hysterically. Those…

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Sunny in De Soto, Wisconsin