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hanging at the mall


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_IGP6252_4694 Hiking the one of the trails at Pikes Peak State Park in Iowa

When Zebulon Pike arrived here in 1805, sent by the U.S. Government after the Louisiana Purchase in search of strategically valuable locations for military posts, he advised that this area was a prime location for a military fort. In the end, the fort ended up in Prairie du Chien. I guess the government thought it would be a little easier to build a fort on prarie lands, rather than these bluffs 500 feet above the Mississippi River.

I think my daughter would agree with them. When I asked her if she was emjoying the hike, she answered unequivocally that she absolutely hates hiking. We hiked along a trail that features sculpted mounds that were created by Native Americans between 800 and 1200 C.E. These are known as effigy mounds, and are said to have been formed in…

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Pikes Peak State Park