Basic Video Editing, Black & White Street Photography

Social Deviance on the D Line

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I got sidetracked and jumped on the wrong train.

 I got off at the Sheridan station and saw these two guys dancing and gyrating on the platform. 

 I couldn’t hear them though. I was buried in my headphones too. 

 They worked together. One rapped, while the other bobbed his head and interjected a few 

 YEAH BITCH’s in there. 

 None of us made eye contact. 

 None of us said a word. 

 The girl read her book as if nothing was going on.

I think she may have been intimidated

 or maybe she just didn’t really care. 

the bitches in the pool

the bitches in the pool

out of the ordinary 

not the norm

the social deviants

are everywhere

challenging the status quo

making you uncomfortable