The Kansas City Blues

got the Kansas City blues

wishing it never happened

waiting for closure

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A woman in a blue blazer with her jet-black hair fashioned in a bob, walks through the parking lot to join her friends at the tavern for happy hour. The power steering from a Toyota RAV4 whines. The crowd gurgles off in the distance from the unseen outdoor patio. A man walks out of his car, head buried in phone, clueless to his surroundings. 

A couple of guys walk by, the man on the left is big, muscular with thick thighs and bulging biceps. His company is the opposite. Skinny legs and arms that pale in comparison. A bald man and his brunette companion put take out dinners on the roof of their sedan, a Super High Output Ford Taurus, white. The smell of steak on the grill permeates the air, the sound of traffic forever in the background, never resting. 

Motorcycles scream, big trucks let out their guttural sounds from tricked out mufflers, and I write. Only it isn’t writing as much as it is tapping on a piece of glass. A black bird flies through the frame of the vanagon windshield just as a surly face behind the wheel of a gold Toyota truck comes barreling around the corner. He’s lucky no kids are wandering around as he would smash whatever unlucky soul stepped out in front of him, the kind of guy who runs over squirrels and bunnies on purpose, your basic asshole. 

A man with fancy sunglasses perched on his head rifles through the dumpster looking for boxes. He is wearing a grey golf shirt. The asphalt lot is surrounded by chain restaurants and other strip mall fare. Lil’ Ricci’s Pizza, Cuba Cuba Sandwiches, Floyd’s Barber Shop, Espresso Americano, Bam Bu, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Scotttrade, Half Hour Power and Lyons Den Liquors.

This is the Denver Tech Center, the belly of the corporate beast and these people are the employees who work for it. 

A couple sit in a car behind me laughing into their phones. A girl in baby blue shorts strides through the lot, her pony tail bouncing behind her, scantily clad in a tank top.

I wonder if she’s freezing because it’s cool and windy and I’m sitting here in a hoodie. Watching the world go by, waiting impatiently to get on the road. Waiting for the eighth of May, the day when this family leaves the Mile High City. 

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Circling the Sun

Turning 41

floating through the universe

circling the sun

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streetlight in Denver
 a beacon in the dark sky

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Wordless Wednesday

_IGP0570_1705 _IGP8319_2023 shadows_series_paint_stain




apex predator

solitary but social


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A Bathroom in Pueblo



health_mart_personal_productsBathroom in Pueblo

Love drops or warmed encounters?

Black studded sheer thin?

Urban Landscape

The Kaliedoscope

j_nix_streetwork (1 of 1)-643

I know this feeling
overwhelming emotion
the kaleidoscope

Urban Landscape

The Urban Landscape of Denver


j_nix_streetwork (1 of 1)-631

the breathing dragon
fire and smoldering smoke
canvas of stucco

j_nix_streetwork (1 of 1)-629

writing on the wall
the clone on the loading dock
weeds pushing through cracks

j_nix_streetwork (1 of 1)-626

the perimeter
protected by eleven
strands of barbed wire

j_nix_streetwork (1 of 1)-624

cinder block message
the walls are talking to me
providing respite

j_nix_streetwork (1 of 1)-622

exploring denver
alleyway by alleyway
hording its treasures