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streetlight in Denver
 a beacon in the dark sky

Urban Landscape

The Reality

j_nix_streetwork (1 of 1)-10the reality

roaming random back alleys

the part we don’t see

Urban Landscape


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conjuring up ghosts

soul resides on power box


Color Street Photography

The Greenpeace Guy

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I spoke with an activist from Greenpeace about the effects of deforestation on our planet in between classes at Metro State University of Denver.

stop global warming

zero deforestation

by 2020

Color Street Photography

See Mortality

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A light rail passenger walks the platform at the Arapahoe at Village Center Station in Denver, Colorado. The Regional Transportation District operates over 170 trains on 48 miles of track serving 2.2 million people in the metro area.

the human body

inevitable breakdown

see mortality


Color Street Photography

A Buck in a Guitar Case

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a distinct odor
a buck in a guitar case
exchanging smiles

I walked right by this group of teens and twenty-somethings originally, but something compelled me to turn back around. I walked up and threw a dollar in the guitar case even though no one was playing guitar. I assume the majority of the group was homeless judging by the smell and their generally disheveled appearance. I shouted a request to get a snapshot, and thought they said no at first, so I started to walk away. Then they started motioning me back, I slipped off my headphones (shouldn’t have been wearing them in the first place) and he said “Why did you take off so quick?” I replied “I thought you said you didn’t want any pictures.” His response was “I didn’t dress up like this for nothing, you can take my picture!”  and I did and now you are looking  at it, and I successfully shared his smile with the world, at least the people in the world that take the time to look at this blog. I want to spread the humanness across broadband and WiFi signals, reaching the living brains at the end of the connections, illiciting a response. I’ve actually had photography teachers tell me they HATE it when people smile at their cameras. I couldn’t imagine why. Smiling is infectious and it’s free and they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Color Street Photography

The Angry Panhandler

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begging with a frown
the angry panhandler
a cup in your face

Color Street Photography


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colorful style
fashionistas filled with pride
strolling down colfax

Color Street Photography

Thawing from the Freeze

thawing from the freeze

time and illumination 


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