People’s chonies, panties, underwear, boxers, tighty-whiteys, banana hammocks, grape smugglers, skivvies, nut huts, butt huggers, and “da dunt da dunts” were all out in the open during Denver’s Third Annual Cupid’s Undie Run.
They bare all for the cause of raising money for research to combat Neurofibromatosis, a painful and debilitating genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow on nerves throughout the body. These tumors can create learning disabilities, blindness, deafness, and chronic pain. There is no known cure.
NF affects roughly 1:3,000 births in the U.S. and is in desperate need of new discovery, which is why 100% of funds raised through Cupid’s Undie Run go directly to the Children’s Tumor Foundation.


Fighting Diseases in Your Unmentionables


Denver Street Photography

Denver Street Photography by TheJeremyNix
Denver Street Photography, a photo by TheJeremyNix on Flickr.

I wish she could see
the things I see everyday
the gift of vision

Via Flickr:
Two women wait for the #15 on Colfax & Broadway in Denver on a Thursday morning.