Seven Haiku

2:08 ante meridiem

Sound input through ear
Chosen not incidental
The white noise kills me

Not sleeping at all
Mesmerized by crazy world
Unproductive rut

Eyeballs behind dust
Irritated Irises
And droopy eye-lids

All the indecisiveness
I paralyze me

One more song to hear
Block out the reality
For a moment more

I’m not ready yet
Let me stay a little while
Just a moment more

Reality crash
Mortality disappoints
I will live and die


Seven Haiku


Everywhere, Every Place


Inspired by George Ella Lyon

Everywhere, Every Place

I am from eyeglasses,
From blurred vision and vicious taunts
I am from the flawed recesses of society
(Sweaty with low self- esteem, we smell of desperation.)

I am from the yellow footprints
Which all Marines before me have stood upon
Each of them in search of their own identity
I’m from a case of beer and a pack of cigarettes
From Miller Lite and Marlboro

I am from fist fights
and lost causes
From dirty jail cells and hard metal bunks
I’m from crooked fingers and double vision
From the skewed vision that makes my head throb

I’m from hard work and hope
Dreams and goals
From proving the disbelievers false
I am from you, and you are from me
We are from everywhere and every place

All of us,
Decended from the same cell
From racism and bigotry
From wars and disease
From Ignorance and Advancement
Morphed and twisted into
What we have become
© TheJeremyNix. All rights reserved



Aura of a slave
illumination and time
the thinking machine




When I look in the mirror…


When I look in the mirror, the voice in my head and my conscience, we don’t recognize ourselves. The physical being is not what I imagine on my mind. The lines around the eyes, the receding hairline, big bushy eyebrows partially obscuring my vision, they all seem foreign to me. I don’t recognize myself.

In my heart I feel strong, vibrant, fun loving and intelligent. The face in the mirror looking back at me tells a different story. I see worry, the harshness of the elements, the little imperfections.

The gray hairs in my beard, the eye condition, my nose is slightly crooked and actually quite large. I see love handles and man boobs and I search for just one small glimpse of something positive I can hold onto. I rarely find it.

The reality is, I love myself but I can’t stand that reflection in the mirror. The fantastic image of self in my mind’s eye is ruined daily by the harsh reality staring back at me in the mirror. I am humbled each day, then I go about this existence that I occupy with love and compassion for those that need it just as much if not more than myself.

I’m always looking for your flaws so I can humanize you. I want to be able to relate to you as a fellow human being.

That’s why I’m taking your picture.