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The 80’s are back
Did they ever really leave?
Z. Cavaricci?

I remember those days. The tight rolled jeans and crazy Aqua Net hair-do’s that my sisters would wear. I had big dorky glasses by necessity and always thought of them as the worst things that could have ever existed. Apparently this is a fad now. Hot chics in geeky glasses.

I don’t want to create that whole People of Walmart vibe with my photography. I’m not out to make anyone look bad or to make fun of their choice in style. I hate how modern society has a category for everybody. Hipsters, jocks, rednecks, nerds, gamers, fanboys, stoners. Enough already.

Do we have to keep on pretending like life is high school and any of it really matters? I’m fed up with how cynical the majority of people seem to be of everything and everybody if it doesn’t fall into their personal standards. I was a nerd, but not by choice. I was labeled as a geek when it wasn’t cool to be one. I was treated like crap in a million different ways that need no explanation, because you’ve heard it all a thousand times.

Bottom line is I hate sub-genres. Humans are humans. Music is music. Love is love. Why do we have to complicate matters.

Recently I lost my VW Bus which was a cherished possession. As a result of this I am looking for a bicycle to get me around town. I found some fixed gear bikes that are right in my price range, so I have been researching them. In the forums I ran into all these hateful remarks from people lamenting the popularity of fixed gear bikes among what they perceive to be hipsters. Why do these people care about a strangers choice regarding the bicycle they ride?

I caught myself worrying about being labeled for my bike choice, but then I remembered that I am just as insignificant as everyone else in this insignificant world and being called a hipster is the least of my worries. I’m more concerned with having fun and experiencing life before death comes knocking. When do we truly realize how precious our lives really are?


Street Art: Salida, Colorado

I am attracted to colorful walls, or maybe it is just color in general. I am color blind, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t see color. I just have problems deciphering between blue and purple, and green and red. When they bust out the chart with the colorful dots, I can’t see anything past the first card. I see color and I run to it like a mosquito to a bug zapper.

I have to say, this is one colorful town. There seems to be a mural around every corner, and the streets are lined with bars, art galleries and coffee shops. There is a beautiful park right along the river, as well as a really cool amphitheater that I would love to sit in and listen to some music. While camping just outside the city, a gentleman hanging out by the boat ramp at the Bighorn Sheep Canyon campground approached me and asked if I was from out of town. He said it was because I was taking pictures like I had never seen the mountains before. I just told him I’m always taking pictures. He replied “Oh, your one of those..”

I made several attempts to make my departure and get out of the conversation, but he had that masterful ability to hold me in the conversation, he was that guy that just doesn’t pick up on the uncomfortableness, or he just doesn’t care. Long story short: He informed me that Salida is home to the nation’s oldest whitewater festival, the yearly FIBArk. The festival coincides with an annual whitewater rafting race that has been going on since 1949. Originally the race started in the Arkansas River in Salida and was a 57 mile course culminating in Canon City by way of the Royal Gorge Canyon. Due to treacherous conditions over the years, caused by heavy spring runoff, the race was shortened to its current length 27.7 miles from Salida to Cotopaxi.

I suppose this is really an ad for Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, and I’m not sure if that  disqualifies it from being street art or not, but I like it. I’m not sure what the rules are regarding this, but to be honest, I’ve never been much for rules anyway. I like the fact that it’s painted on the wall, I think the beer cans in place of kayaks is a clever twist. The Arkansas River runs right through the center of town, so this fits right in. The whole town is actually covered with painted walls similar to this. We didn’t stay long, but I get the feeling we’ll be back. It’s just that kind of town.


Salida, Colorado


The South Park Valley

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.”
― Jack Kerouac, On the Road


The South Park Valley

This is an image of my old VW bus. We called it “The Pig” My family and I have ridden the pig over just about every mountain pass in Colorado. When the engine blew up on us, just over a year ago, we were heartbroken. In our family we live our lives in the pursuit of one goal, to live a life on the road. The plans are in full swing and we are closer to our dream than we ever have been before. We are going to travel until we get sick of it or we just physically cannot do it anymore.