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The Western Spirit

the western spirit

smoking at the rodeo

modern day cowboy

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A Mosh Pit of Little Tykes

The Fun Fest

DENVER,Colo-September 6, 2014-Children crowd the stage to get a closer glimpse of Clifford the Dog, Word Girl and Sid the Science Kid during the PBS Kids Fun Fest. My daughter is front row center.

the frenzied children

a mosh pit of little tykes

worshiping their stars

Color Street Photography


people of all sorts

cannabis connoisseurs

purveyors of pot


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Activity: Taking Public Transportation

Every Tuesday I jump on my bike and head down to the Light Rail Station, for a 30 mile trek across Denver to attend a Photojournalism class. I suspect the gentleman in the center of the frame might be an everyday rider.


Denver Street Photography | Tuesday Commute


For the product portion of this assignment, I submit to you this Street Art Installation I came across while exploring Colfax Avenue. Denver has a wonderful and vibrant art scene, and this is just one example of the creativity on display within the back alleys and obscure locales of our city.  Thanks to @yumisakugawa for the great and simple tutorial on how you can get started making wheat paste masterpieces of your own.


Denver Street Art | Wheat Paste on Colfax