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Kentucky Deluxe and Black Cherry Fago


bourbon on his breath

he talked about religion

and eternity

He said to me, “Have you been saved? I’m not perfect, hell, I’m drinking Kentucky Deluxe and Black Cherry Fago, but once you’re saved you’re saved for all eternity.”

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I went to a zombie crawl and all I got were these pictures of regular people

Do you ever just want to blurt something out without all the planning and brainstorming? I do. Especially now that mid-terms are over. I guess we arent ALL college students though, so maybe some of you who read this won’t empathize with the “too much homework, tired of rules and deadlines” thing. What it comes down to for me is that I’m just mentally and physically exhausted. Full time student and dad duties are wearing me out. Through all the banal everyday problems that we all deal with in our day-to-day lives somehow we manage to lift our heads up out of the sand and carry on. So I try to block out the news and thoughts of religious extremists and deadly diseases creeping ever closer to my doorstep, and I search for that silver lining that is becoming increasingly harder to spot.

So I jumped on the train and rode it into the heart of Denver with my camera in search of stories and precious moments in time. I went to a zombie crawl. I found myself drawn to the minority. The regular people. Sure I took plenty of pictures of crazy zombie get-ups and the like but these are the ones that stood out to me in that crowd of images. I snapped around 1,000 frames in 4 hours. Here are 12 of them.




The Lonely Trumpet Player


leaning on a wall

the lonely trumpet player

collects dollar bills


The Open Air Asylum


Denver’s 16th Street Mall features an eclectic mix of well-to-do shoppers, posh boutiques and homeless men, women and children.

the 16th Street Mall
an open air asylum
for all walks of life

Someday I will leave Denver. Until that day I will keep my camera on my person whenever I walk about its streets. I have recorded the lives of thousands of strangers in this city over the past three years. I silently observed and I learned a lot. Now I am curious to know the stories of the people I capture with my lens. This is still my struggle. The challenge of breaking the ice with strangers and getting to know them on a deeper level. I didn’t imagine it would happen over night, and I didn’t think it would be this hard.

In my efforts I have found that it comes to you if you open yourself up to it. I have spent time talking to more people. Mostly the ones who approach me first, but I have made decent headway in opening up the conversation. I enjoy the anonymity and quiet self reflection of capturing images as inconspicuously as possible, but I find myself wanting to know more when I stare back into the eyes of the human beings I photograph.

I guess it’s a natural progression. I hope so at least. Thanks for listening. I just wanted to get that out.

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The Urban Landscape of Albuquerque, New Mexico


A colorful street sign signifies my presence at Marquette Street in downtown Albuquerque.


Commuters in downtown Albuquerque wait for the Rapid Ride.


Observing pattern, repetition, color, light and lines. All that from a brick wall and a telephone pole.


This 1982 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia is what drew us out to New Mexico in the first place. It was a decent enough specimen except for the really bad exhaust leak. The voices told us no this time. Our quest continues.


Shingles, pigeons and bushes are just a few of the interesting aspects of Raks Building Supply.


While my daughter and girlfriend were playing at a local park I wandered down a dead end road. It was unpaved and lined with several modest and unique homes.


Portrait of a home in Albuquerque.


A school bus and a minivan decorate the yard of this home.


Desert plant life is abundant throughout the area.


Albuquerque is filled with art.


The colors of Old Town Albuquerque.


Seen at a rest stop on 1-25 South.


Sunflowers and modern power.


Old Town ABQ

My family and I have been traveling across the United States in search of a van that will be used to travel across the United States. We will be leaving within the next 9 months. The bus we found on this trip was not the right fit for us, but the trip wasn’t all for naught. I got the opportunity to explore Albuquerque with my K-5.

Color Street Photography

The Greenpeace Guy

j_nix_streetwork (1 of 1)-2

I spoke with an activist from Greenpeace about the effects of deforestation on our planet in between classes at Metro State University of Denver.

stop global warming

zero deforestation

by 2020