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From the Kingdom of Plantea

the Helianthus

from the kingdom of plantea

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Up late, pushing towards graduation from Community College, so I can move on to bigger things. These are a few images that I wanted to share with you for another “on-going project” I’m working on. Again, a good number of my “projects” are basically ways I can categorize all the images my brain is telling me to capture. I snap the shutter on whatever camera I am using obsessively. I don’t hold back, and that results in having a large body of work to sift through and look for patterns. When I see a person sleeping in public, I marvel at their ability to just tune out the world around them and take a snooze. I imagine some of them are most likely drunk or have some sort of condition that causes them to just plop down and close their eyes. I couldnt sleep in public unless I passed out, I just wouldn’t feel safe sleeping in the middle of Downtown Denver.

Things are extremely hectic for me right now. The semester is winding down, tomorrow I have to get up in front of a small class and give a visual presentation on the issue of e-waste. Environmental Science is so damn depressing. Sociology too. Those classes are just killing my postive vibe. I say this to let you know, that I am not ignoring your comments or your blogs, I am just pre-occupied with a thousand different things. Working on my relationship with my 19 and 15 year old sons, taking care of my 3 year old daughter, being a college student, transitioning to a new school, transitioning to a new standard of living (within the next two years, we are going to completely blow up our lifestyle and hit the road), being a good partner to my girlfriend and working on our own relationship.. I don’t know how people have time for friendships, without completely sacrificing any time for themselves. My life is busy to say the least. I guess that activity is the key to longevity in life, at least I hope that is the case.