Photography, The Family Circle


the public pay phone

an unfamiliar concept

in this techno age


Modern Relics | Mountain Bell

The phone booth is all but obsolete. I NEVER pass up a chance to photograph a phone booth. It’s like living in a real life apocalyptic landscape. The phone booths are just the first evidence of our society’s decline, along with the empty mega-mart building ruins, old Blockbuster Video Stores and 7-11s. that sounds crazy to me, but it also seems true.

Who is responsible for removing pay phones from the public streets that are no longer in use? It seems that they are just left there to rot. I guess it doesn’t bother me as it is infinitely more interesting than the cookie cutter world that surrounds us.

It looks like the decline of society on the surface, but I suppose that it could also be viewed as the rapid advancement of our society. We invent new ways to communicate so fast that we can’t get rid of the old technology fast enough.

Either way, I love pay phones. How many millions of conversations have happened in this spot? How many kids called their parents collect in an emergency from this phone? 911 calls, people ordering food, calling their banks, making drug deals. This one phone has so many stories, and has been touched by so many people. It has a human-ness to it. If human-ness is a word. Welcome to my brain.


Modern Relics | Mountain Bell