I started to notice the existence of trends as I was taking pictures at The Denver Post’s 13th Annual Underground Music Showcase.  I’m aware they have always been there, but I never really paid much attention until I started practicing photographing people in the streets. I find myself drawn to the people who stand out, the ones who are dressed in fancy clothes, loud colors, or smart patterns. The out of the ordinary. The UMS crowd was sporting cutoff jean shorts, slippers, skinny jeans, summer dresses, and neon colored throwback 80’s sunglasses,  all trends that seem to be gaining popularity in Denver .

Maybe I didn’t notice because I’ve never been much of a fashionable guy. I gave up trying to be cool, and just went with the jeans and a t-shirt stay at home 40 year old dad look. I’m just too busy and too tired to care.  Denver in the summer becomes a much more vibrant scene as the cold weather gives way to hot summer days.  It’s nice to see something other than big puffy coats and dirty snow. Here are 10 images of people sporting stripes in similar fashion.




Denver Fashion Trends | Stripes