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Where is the sidewalk?

Pedestrians on roadways

everyday St. Joe

St. Joseph, Missouri is home for Mom. We’re in the place where she was raised. The place where the Pony Express began and the life of Jesse James ended. It isn’t uncommon to find a scene such as this, men, women, men with women, men with women with babies, kids, elderly people with dogs and all the other infinite combinations of human beings walking perilously close to a road with vehicles traveling 35-40 miles per hour whizzing by.

This is essentially the first stop on the pop top tour when you think about it. So while Penny heals, I’ll share some of the images I’ve been capturing around St. Joseph, Forest City, and Kansas City, Missouri.  We’ve been occupying this space for several weeks now. It’s hot, humid and and slightly buggy. nothing unbearable though. The cicadas are buzzing in…

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Everyday St. Joe


I’m trying to keep up with life right now. Attending online classes, concentrating on healing my daughter, preparing my van and getting out on the road. Sporadic posts are to be expected but I’m still here. Stay tuned.

Pop Top Tour

Highway in Kansas.

Penny is occupied and happy.

She is reading. Playing with her sticker book.

We feel bad for her, because there is nothing for her to do in the one little spot left among all our belongings.

We talk about the harrowing experience of the first tank of gas. The road goes by.

We talk about how many miles we drove yesterday, and hope that today’s journey will be easier.

We talk about how many miles we might be able to put on our ride. We are desperately trying to get to Mound City.

We are happy. Laughing. Talking about friends.

We talk about careers. We are just shooting the shit really.

Mechanical claws. Oil Derricks.

Highway signs and billboards everywhere.

We pass fossil creek hotel and suites.

A lone tree on a hill with no leaves.

Death. Birds flying. Irrigation ditches. Eighteen Wheelers hauling tractors. A horse…

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Notes from a Kansas Highway



Black & White Street Photography, Photography

Wordless Wednesday



Black & White Street Photography

Wordless Wednesday





The local repair shop is holding my laptop hostage and my memory cards are filling up. I have exactly 50 images left on the last card in my Pentax right now. I have an old laptop that is missing, an old iMac desktop that is filled to the brim and basically serves as our TV, and this old dinosaur of an iPhone 4s with a cracked screen.

I paid full price for it-around $500- to avoid signing a contract with the phone company. $500 bucks and two years later it’s a relic and I’m forced to upgrade if I want to have access to a new operating system that is waving goodbye to this old brick of a 4s.

I’m supposed to be doing homework. A background piece on
Coloradans for Responsible Reform, a group formed to fight against anti-fracking initiatives in the state. The deadline is two weeks away.

I have a fake website to build, a photo essay on a local metal scrapper who also helps the homeless, and I just finished writing a fake script to an annoying YouTube video called “The Morning Guy.”

My comfort zone has been obliterated. Now I have to call people and talk to them. I have to arrange times to meet and go through the agonizingly painful process of meeting them in person. I’m trying to quit my habit of being anxious cold turkey.

I try to forget I have a lazy eye and be confident. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

I’m feeling that stress. I’m trying to prove myself as a photographer with limited gear and resources. Shooting exclusively with a 21mm prime because that’s really all I got. It’s a challenge.

Plus I use a Pentax which everybody looks at like it’s an alien artifact or something. In my peer group if it isn’t Nikon or Canon then you’re a weirdo who doesn’t understand that those brands are the industry standard.

I’m trying to be a better writer. I’m trying to learn how to code my own website. I’m trying to be a good dad to my three kids. I’m trying to keep a blog with a strong following. I’m spread pretty thin right now.

Three days a week my 4-year-old daughter and I get on the F-line to 18th and California. We ride it all the way from Arapahoe Station to Auraria West, about a 20-minute journey.

It’s usually during rush hour and we almost never get to sit down. Sometimes Penny will refuse to sit next to strangers even if I’m right next to her and others I will just sit down and hold her on my lap. I’m afraid I drilled a healthy fear of strangers into her head and now I’m paying the price for that.

I also have a 20-year-old son going to the same college. Which must be awkward for him, but we don’t run into each other. We did once and it was cool, filled with awkward silences, boring small talk, and a fatherly hug at the end.

My 16-year-old is a rising star in the drama circuit. He’s been in at least 4 productions in the last year. He played a mayor in the musical Urinetown, a baseball player in Damn Yankees, and a boy who feels no pain in some romantic one that I can’t remember. I love watching him sing and dance and recite all his lines with no problems. It’s amazing.

He walked out of his high school yesterday in protest of a suggestion by the school board that their U.S. History curriculum should promote the more positive aspects of U. S. History while staying away from topics like civil disorder and social unrest. Revisionist History. I respect him for joining his fellow students and exercising his right to protest.

I don’t see either one of them nearly enough but I think of them everyday and I’m immensely proud of them both.

So that’s why the blog is being neglected and I’m sharing tons of iPhone pictures. I’m in flux right now. I still feel compelled to photograph everything I see and I love sharing it with all of you who read this blog.

I’m not complaining. I love my life. It’s just very challenging and there are times I feel like I’m making a fool of myself. I’ve had to suck it up a lot lately and that can be exhausting.

I promise that I’ll get back to quick and dirty posts with images and haiku soon.

I know it takes a lot to read through an entire post and for those of you that made it this far I thank you for listening, and for your kindness and support.

The ultimate goal is to be traveling across the United States in a spiral pattern in our new VW Vanagon. We’ll be on the road full-time in search of our final destination. We have no idea where that is or how long it will take, but we are determined to find out. I hope to share my adventures with all of you.

Now I have to go and brush my daughters hair and take her outside for some practice on her bicycle.

Things are tough all over.





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Working without a Net



Spray painted bonsai
The graffiti on the door
Street art of Denver




j_nix_streetwork (1 of 1)-529

proclaiming her faith
Jesus is her BFF
No really, He is.

Color Street Photography

Jesus is my BFF






One of my first posts ever on the blog. Feeling nostalgic for “The Pig,”


The South Park Valley

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.”
― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

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The South Park Valley


Seen at Denver PrideFest

perspective times three
mutual contemplation
judged in the distance


Seen at Denver PrideFest